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Benjamin Dennehy – Bootcamps Bundle

What you can Learn from Benjamin Dennehy – Bootcamps Bundle?

This Bootcamp is aimed at beginners and seasoned sales folk. Learn how to effectively question a prospect and how to use questions to move a prospect from logical thinking to emotion. Getting to the truth is a lot harder than it seems. Prospects, rightly, withhold information in order to protect themselves from being “sold”.

  • How to master reverse psychology
  • Managing the reaction of a prospect
  • Why how you ask is more important than why
  • How to get the truth from a prospect who’s always holding back
  • How to not sound like a salesperson
  • How to challenge the prospect’s future
  • Question the alternatives
  • How to get the prospect fighting in their head with an existing supplier or competitor
  • Master the art of Socratic Questioning
  • How to ask questions that create emotion
  • How to separate a sales meeting from an order with questions
  • How to move a person from intellectual interest to emotional connection
  • The psychological question game play
  • How to fight for the prospect’s status quo