Email Client Machine – Ben Settle

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What we can learn from Email Client Machine?

If you can write one measly email per day, Ben can get you swamped with so many new copywriting clients you’ll need a waiting list just to handle them all.

  • A special kind of sales pitch the “mad man” era genius David Ogilvy used to pack his agency with some of the best clients on the planet.
  • A counter intuitive way for getting better and bigger paying clients by bragging to them about how high your fees are.
  • How Earl Nightingale used the scientific laws of physics in a secret way to attract clients and customers in droves.
  • A clever “tool” that can do all the sifting and sorting for you when looking for clients.
  • The 3-second trick that can create far higher quality prospects for you.
  • An old school MLM method that lets you pre-sell copywriting clients on hiring you.
  • And much more.