The Furey Formula For Making a Fortune With Email (10 CDs) – Matt Furey

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Let me set the stage: My name is Matt Furey and I am a multi-millionaire. And the grand majority of the money I have made has come directly from email copywriting. The best marketers on this planet consider me to be the world’s greatest email copywriter. The list of seasoned professional writers and copywriters who read my emails, rave about them and get ideas from them – is long indeed. This list includes names like Dan Kennedy, Michael Masterson, David Deutsch, Katie Yeakle, Steve Chandler, Barry Eisler and so on.
Okay, so what’s this got to do with you?

Well, three years ago I put 9 people in a room at $10,000 each and began to teach them my unique approach to email copywriting. Only one person in the room had any copywriting experience – and he wasn’t making a fortune with his emails.

The others in the room were total greenhorns. They had never written copy before. Not one line. Nevertheless, I promised these people three things:

  • Writing email copy is easy. It is NOT hard work.
  • I can teach you how to write fabulous email copy inside of 48 hours.
  • You will make a fortune if you do what I say.