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Whether you’re an experienced hypnotherapist / coach or a beginner…
if you have a basic proficiency in your techniques
(and enjoy making a positive difference in people’s lives)… then…


On this webpage you will be shown a simple and proven SYSTEM
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Dear Reader,

If you would like to be well rewarded from your existing hypnosis/coaching skills with paying clientele and multiple streams of income – providing you with an income of $100,000+ per year while you have up to 4-days off each week – this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Igor Ledochowski and, as a master hypnotist and co-owner of a worldwide hypnosis training company, I’ve seen and used some of the most advanced client attraction and business building strategies ever invented. Some of them are so powerful they can put multiple-thousands of dollars in your bank account in just a couple days.

But you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago I gave up working for a “magic circle” law firm – (where I was on a career path to become an equity partner and receive a salary of $2 million a year) – to set up as an independent hypnotherapist.

I thought it would all be pretty straightforward but, the truth is…

I Fell Flat On My Face!

I had virtually no clients.

No real business to speak of. And no proper office to operate from (I was using a spare room in a flat I had in London at the time).

All in all, I only ever managed to attract (and work with) about 6 paying clients in that entire hypnotherapy practice.

And no matter how hard I tried… no matter how many new hypnosis (advanced) skills I mastered… or how low I priced my fees… I just couldn’t attract enough quality clients to make money as an independent hypnotherapist.

It was humiliating.

Especially since my ex-colleagues (at the haughty-taughty law firm) were probably laughing their heads off behind my back.

In truth, my financial situation got so bad I was on the verge of giving up on all my ideas and dreams of ever having a lucrative hypnotherapy practice.

Then one day, I happened to meet and go to work for the owner of the largest stop-smoking clinic in Europe. In fact, I believe it was the largest chain of hypnotherapy practices in the world at the time. And although that company no longer exists (it was sold for a considerable sum of money) working for that company gave me an inside view of…

How To Really Attract A Large Number Of
Clients Who Have Money & Will Eagerly
Spend It On Hypnotherapy Sessions.

I almost couldn’t believe all the silly, naïve mistakes I’d made in my own practice.

I used to literally hassle and beg friends and relatives to book in for a hypnotherapy session with me. It hardly ever worked.

And on the rare occasions it did (usually when a friend felt sorry for me) they’d agree to a one-off hypnotherapy session on the condition I didn’t charge them any money for it.

So I ended up doing a lot free (no fee) hypnotherapy work that only ended up putting me more in debt and more disillusioned with the whole hypnotherapy business.

But that all changed when I went to work as a hypnosis trainer for the world’s largest stop smoking hypnotherapy clinic, to train their hypnotherapists.

Because by using just some of the low and no cost client attraction strategies I learnt from the stop smoking organization – I started having complete strangers literally begging me to do a hypnotherapy session with them. Not only that, these people (who I had never met before) didn’t even blink an eye when I mentioned my now elevated fees.

It was almost as if…


Plus they were demanding I book them in for multiple sessions at a time.

It wasn’t like I was taking advantage of them with my pricing and packaging either. As a matter of fact, I was able to connect with all my clients on a much deeper level than I ever had before – positively transforming all of their surrounding psychological issues around the central (core) issue they came to me for.

The result?

My clients were ecstatic because they were seeing must faster and longer lasting changes unfold in their life. In their eyes I automatically became a much better hypnotherapist.

And my fledgling hypnotherapy business took off in ways I never thought possible.

My money situation changed within a matter of weeks. Clients were practically knocking down my door (many of them were referrals from other clients). And from my ever growing bank account I was quickly able to move my practice into an upscale office in Chancery Lane in London.

I guess you could say I “cracked” the hypnotherapy business.

And guess what?

It didn’t have anything to do with how good a hypnotist I was either… no one ever questioned my credentials (wanting to see certificates or a list of qualifications)… and nobody ever once asked me how many years experience I had.

None of that mattered to my clients.

All they cared about was the positive transformations I was making in their life through the hypnotherapy I was doing.

And, because of the basic client attraction systems I’d put in place, the money kept pouring into the business. I was even having to put some clients “on hold” until an empty slot opened up in my schedule.

Now, do you want to know something else interesting?

If I’d known right from the start what I now know about how to build (from the ground-up) an independent hypnotherapy business – I would have easily made 10 times the money I did.

I really would.

And I would have been able to provide an even greater and longer lasting transformational change in people’s lives.

How can I say that?

Because I now understand something virtually no other hypnotherapist in the country (in the world!) understands about the business. And that is…