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Lea Gucciardi - Shopify Code(x) Course

What you can learn from Lea Gucciardi – Shopify Code(x) Course?

Lead a Multiple 6 Figure Shopify Studio with Confidence. Go from DEY (Do Everything Yourself) to being able to Design, Delegate, then Decompress. Grow your profits, or your team with more clarity and build the design business of your dreams.

Imagine being able to create custom shopify websites that clients paid you 5 figures and more for without having to spend 400+ hours on it? Listen… Knowing how to speak to a computer is pretty f***** cool if you ask me. Imagine being able to go from pixel pusher to a computer psychic? Designing and coding for Shopify is no longer just for mystical wizards of the agency world.

Module 1 – The Frictionless Process

Start the way you mean to go on and use my ClickUp process (with templates!) to create your own streamlined client experience and profitable process. Learn the basics with contracts, proposals, pricing, workflow, onboarding, discovery calls, and more.

Module 2 – Designing for eCommerce

From industry standard tools, to the strategic frameworks you didn’t know you needed. We’ll learn how to run a discovery session with your client to pull out unique details (that you need to design before you find scope creep later!). How to build a simple and repeatable user-journey thinking system. Then we will build a scalable design system and provide you with tools to accelerate the design process that will wow your clients.

Module 3 – Become a Shopify Expert

Not just a typical walkthrough of the Shopify Admin. We’ll see real client examples of unique site setups from all aspects: Blogs, Products, Collections, Pages, Settings, and more. Learn how to hack the system to fit unique business use cases and apps that require an organization system you can easily train your merchant on. Plus learn advanced concepts your clients will inevitably ask you about like: Shipping Profiles, SEO tips, and when to use an existing site or development site.

Module 4 – Shopify Templates

Working smarter not harder, we’ll show you some of the most robust and performant themes on the market as a great jumping off point for a custom build experience. We’ll give you tips on what to look for in great templates, the difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 paradigms, and how to identify the difference between semi-custom and fully custom services.

Module 5 – Development Environment

We’re going to get you coding faster than lightning by ditching the janky Shopify code editor and getting you a professional tooling setup. Plus you’ll learn how to connect your computer to your theme using both ThemeKit and/or Shopify CLI for a fast development workflow. Plus you’ll learn the development, staging, and production workflows to save yourself some liability nightmares.

Module 6 – Coding Basics

Beginner, or seasoned pro, we’ve seen people teach HTML and CSS concepts that are just plain-wrong. We will go over some theory and high level concepts you MUST know before putting your hands elbow deep into theme files. We’ll visit concepts like CSS Specificity, Inheritance laws, HTML attributes, and finally tie it together so you’re ready for the Liquid priming lessons. Finally, you’ll get an introduction to using the Inspector, your new design/code BFF and some more tools you may have never heard of before.

Module 7 – Liquid

Not just a snooze-fest 101. If you’re a designer, you’ll love how we have visualized the theory behind concepts like tags, operators, loops, filters, and more. If you’re a seasoned pro you’ll learn more in depth concepts like stacked filters, section specific CSS, partitioned CSS files, and Schema JSON simplified.

Module 8 – Custom Theming

Get ready to demystify the ability to make Shopify sections by deep-diving into best practices for the Shopify Customizer and schema grouping. We’re going to set you up for success with creating themes that are performant, easy to manage for your clients, and are easy to developer FASTER. Plus, if you’re interested in creating Shopify Templates or sections yourself you will love our tips on saving snippets that can be re-used, and general UX tips for a best-in-class theme design.

Module 9 – Testing, Debugging & Remediation

No one wants to be known as the agency who can’t deliver a clean site. I will show you my QA process to thoroughly test and fix your customizations, plus you can steal our templates to automate this in your PM tool and keep your clients in the loop. PLUS, document your store and leave your client wow-ing with our Shopify Documentation templates, testing checklist, and tools to make you more confident and less anxious about the more important piece of development.

Module 10 – Smooth out your launch

Don’t leave your client hanging, and never open your inbox with anxiety of something being broken EVER again. Our handoff checklist, launch plans, and tools for managing client feedback will ease your fears and leave room to celebrate with your client AND get incredible testimonials to book more work.

Module 11 – Implement a Theme With Me

Come behind the scenes with me as I implement a semi-custom design from the Prestige theme into something unique and special. See some unique tips and tricks of implementing custom design features, sections, and Shopify specific hacks.