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Nexlev – Youtube Automation

What you can Learn from Nexlev – Youtube Automation?

Learn what it really takes to become successful with YouTube Automation. YouTube Automation By Nexlev aims to teach you the fundamentals of YouTube automation without any fluff.

When it comes to YouTube automation there are many people that claim they have the magic bullet to success. While in reality, there is no secret code to YouTube all you need is a solid understanding of the basics, Realistic expectations and a good network to help you navigate your way to the top.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Youtube Automation
  • Module 2: Discovering Profitable Niches
  • Module 3: Evaluating and Starting Niches
  • Module 4: Testing Channels and Niches
  • Module 5: Leveraging Content Formats in Niches
  • Module 6: Goal Setting and Research for Success
  • Module 7: Setting Up Your Youtube Channel
  • Module 8: Building and Managing Your Team
  • Module 9: Team Automation and Communication
  • Module 10: Mastering Topic Selection
  • Module 11: Crafting Effective Scripts
  • Module 12: Perfecting Voice Overs
  • Module 13: Mastering Video Editing
  • Module 14: The Art of Storytelling
  • Module 15: Designing Eye-Catching Thumbnails
  • Module 16: Crafting Compelling Titles
  • Module 17: Optimizing and Testing Videos
  • Module 18: Understanding the Youtube Algorithm
  • Module 19: Utilizing Youtube Shorts and Community Posts
  • Module 20: Managing Finances and Administration
  • Module 21: Navigating Youtube’s Copyright System
  • Module 22: Embracing Self-Learning