The Brilliance Breakthrough – Eugene Schwartz

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Course Description:

  • 1. The Two Main Parts of Grammar
  • 2. How to Put These Two Word-Parts Together to Write a Single Sentence
  • 3. How to Build Understanding into Every Sentence You Use
  • 4. How to Link Your Sentences Together
  • 5. How to Choose the Right Length for Your Sentences
  • 6. How to Write Simply, that Anyone Can Understand Your Most Complicated Thoughts
  • 7. How to Avoid Monotony -So that Your Reader Enjoys Your Sentences at the Same Time that He or She Learns from Them
  • 8. How to Write Clearly -So Your Reader Doesn’t Think You Mean One Thing, When You Really Mean Another
  • 9. How to Use the Clarity Principle to Build Wit, Symbolism, and Suspense into Your Writing
  • 10. Elaboration: How to Develop Your Flow of Thought from Sentence to Sentence
  • 11. If You’re Going to Say It … Say It Well!
  • 12. Let’s Start With a Single Sentence. And Use It to See the Basic Rule Underlying All Punchy Statements
  • 13. A Brief Interlude—to Stress Again How You Can Go from Copying Epigrams to Creating Them Yourself
  • 14. The Second Search-Command Implication
  • 15. Tools that Let You Build Implication into Your Sentences
  • 16. Other Sentence Strengtheners