Advertorial Master Class Advanced Platinum – Ben Adkins

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Advertorial Master Class Advanced Platinum – Ben Adkins download

Course Description:

How to creater a killer native Ad to sell anything online or in print? Inside of the Program, Ben Adkins will walk you through the full process of researching, writing, and scaling an Advertorial (Native Ad) to Profitability.

  • Section 1: The Ideal Products to Promote with Advertorials – How to Quickly Find The Best Affiliate Promotions, The Best Local Business Types to Promote With Advertorials, The Math Behind a Great Advertorial Promotion, FAST START: 3 Already Mapped Out Affiliate Promotions.
  • Section 2: How to Write the Perfect Advertorial for Conversions – The 2 Perfect Presell Content Formulas. Software we Use to Cheat When it Comes to Advertorial Creation. The Services We Use to Help With Writing Content (Scaling).
  • Section 3: How to Setup the Perfect Advertorial Website – Perfect Advertorial Site Structure. Setting it All Up in WordPress. Setting it All Up in a Page Builder. Traffic Recycling Techniques.
  • Section 4: How to Run Traffic That Converts to your Advertorial. How to Use Facebook, Twitter Ads for Short Term Income – How to Use Facebook Ads, Twitter for Short Term Income. How to Plan For Long Term Income with all of Your Advertorials.
  • ADVANCED PACKAGE ONLY: The Local Business Advertorial [Case Study #1], The Physical Product Advertorial [Case Study #2], The Digital Software Advertorial [Case Study #3].
  • And much more.