Crush Q4 – A1 Revenue

What we can learn from Crush Q4? In this course, we will learn how to create killer white hat marketing campaigns during Q4 and master the two best converting traffic sources available for performance marketing & E-commerce. This course is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experienceRead More Crush Q4 – A1 Revenue

Convert 2.0 – Frank Kern

What we can learn from Convert 2.0? In this course, we will learn the entire methodology Frank personally used to create some of the most successful Internet advertising promotions in history. We will get a complete 90-minute walkthrough of exactly how that system works and how we can start implementing itRead More Convert 2.0 – Frank Kern

Short Form Financial Copywriting Program – Jake Hoffberg

What we can learn from Short Form Financial Copywriting Program? This course will show you how get your first client in the ultra-lucrative financial niche and start earning $100k+ a year as a freelance financial copywriter. Jake’s “easy” client getting strategy that involves approaching the top financial publishers with new ideasRead More Short Form Financial Copywriting Program – Jake Hoffberg

Kallzu Ads – Chris Winters

What we can learn from Kallzu Ads? Kallzu Ads is easily the most profitable and most successful “call only” training available today. It’s the most comprehensive newbie friendly Call Only Ads training on the planet.  So we can get successful Call Only campaign up and generating profits as FAST as possible.Read More Kallzu Ads – Chris Winters