Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo – Value $19.95

How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results By Danny Kavadlo “Diamond-Cut Abs condenses decades of agonizing lessons and insight into the best book on ab-training ever written. Hands down.”—PAUL WADE, author of Convict ConditioningAre you dissatisfied with your abs? Does it seem a distant dream for youRead More Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo – Value $19.95

Paul Wade – C MASS – Value $24.95

C-MASS Calisthenics Mass: How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training By Paul “Coach” Wade Paperback 136 pages Is it really possible to add significant extra muscle-bulk to your frame using bodyweight exercise only? The answer, according to calisthenics guru and bestselling Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade, is a resoundingRead More Paul Wade – C MASS – Value $24.95