What Every Young Man Should Know about Being a Gentleman

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What Every Young Man Should Know about Being a Gentleman download

What You Will Learn With This Course:

  • 1) The essence of politeness and respect and learning still the difference between respect and fear. And why it’s important to respect your elders and women.
  • 2) How to carry yourself with confidence and be comfortable in your own skin, and the goals for your life’s journey.
  • 3) How to embrace both your sensitive and masculine sides and to appreciate each one and understand why and how they make you a well-rounded person. You will also learn when it is appropriate to use your masculine or sensitive side.
  • 4) You will learn the different styles of casual dress, from formal casual to business casual and of course, how to wear and size a formal suit and even the two most convenient ways to tie a necktie.
  • 5), you will of course learn how to treat a young lady with courtesy and politeness on your first date. You will learn the basic etiquette of getting and manners to help you make the best first impression possible to build a solid foundation for a relationship of trust and respect.
  • 6), you will learn to understand body language and the signals and secret communications that people are constantly sending each other. The skill of reading body language will give you an edge in every aspect of life, from romantic interludes to the board room.
  • 7), you will learn some of the most important things that every gentleman should carry with them in their pocket, and how these simple tools can help you solve a wide variety of small to intermediate problems that you may encounter during the life.
  • 8), you will learn how to communicate with people in a respectful, honest and honorable manner and to conduct yourself with dignity and self-respect, regardless of the situation that you may find yourself in.