SEO Rockstars – 2020 Recordings

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What you can learn from SEO Rockstars 2020 Recordings?

This is our first ever virtual SEO Rockstars event. It was 4 DAYS of 100% jam-packed SEO knowledge bombs. In the recordings, you will hear things you have never heard before. We busted SEO myths and delivered SEO Test results and Case Studies that will only be shared here. Let’s listen to the “All-Star” Speakers over & over again with the recordings.

  • Dixon Jones – What if we told you there is something more powerful than keywords? Would you believe us? Dixon is here to reveal what he has found is more powerful than keywords and is even replacing keywords in the SERPs.
  • Ryan Stewart – Scaling your agency isn’t about doing more, it’s about doing less. In this talk, we’ll cover how to “productize” your cumbersome agency services into a streamlined, efficient product.
  • Lisa Parziale – All it takes is 3 secret tweaks to change your business forever. Lisa shares the three secrets she has learned that changed her business and her life forever.
  • Jerry West – PBNs are an important part of SEO and ranking. Jerry takes you through real and actionable link building strategies for your PBNs.
  • Keith Evans – Are you in the local market and need local links that actually move the ranking needle? Keith walks you through his exclusive method for finding local links.
  • Matt Versteeg – In this session, Matt Versteeg will reveal 5 of his proven SEO Formulas that still produce rankings.
  • Mike Long – Mike is deeply involved in SEO client consulting and even paid cash for his Rolls Royce Dawn 100% with SEO client paychecks.
  • Eric Brief & Michael Tesalona – Because these guys are who they are, they decided to start a brand new work-a-day SEO client consulting business focused on Air Conditioning and Heating contractors right before Covid started.
  • Robert Niechcial – Robert is going to reveal to you what’s in the background of Google, how Google algorithms actually works, and how to take advantage of that science for better rankings.
  • Bill Hartzer – In this session, Bill Hartzer will talk about domain names and SEO. He will walk you through his buying domains process, find expired domains, and how he sells them for $$$.
  • Ted Kubaitis – Ted Kubaitis will walk you through the most recent discoveries, leaks, and announcements that are shaking up SEO this year.
  • Carolyn Holzman – She will be sharing her research and testing on the fledgling Amazon platform.
  • Dino Gomez – Dino shares with you his sure-fire ways to scale your Facebook advertising with his private hacks and tips.Dino makes a living running an internet marketing firm and having a blast doing so.
  • Elisabeth Samuels – Elisabeth is the brains behind Salterras web development. Her skills are not limited to the visual aspects of digital marketing. She is also very knowledgeable in the field of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Marty Marion – Have you heard about the power of positioning SEO? Marty explains what it is, why you need, and how to use it to rise above your competition.
  • Robert Portillo CRO, Robert Portillo Audits – Learn what the two most important factors are that precede a website, the importance of value propositions and how to make a good one.
  • Michal Suski, Matt Woodward, Holly Cooper, Marie Ysais, Perry Belcher, Jeff Lenney, Clint Butler, Craig Campbell, Terry Samuels, Brian Dean, Moon Hussain, Mike Pearse & Brad Mabry, Stephen Floyd, Roger Bryan, Leon Sheed.
  • Q&A.