Million Dollar Hard Drive + Players in Print – Lawrence Bernstein

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Million Dollar Hard Drive + Players in Print – Lawrence Bernstein download

Course Description:

I am writing today to sell you the world’s most expensive computer hard drive of blockbuster ads and response boosters. And with that sentence, I’ve just broken a cardinal rule of sales letter writing — I’ve told you up front what I’m selling, instead of warming you up first. If you think that’s unusual, in just a moment I’m going to break some more. Why?

Because this is no ordinary hard drive and to be truthful, it’s not for everyone. You’re busy and probably don’t have the time to read this through to the end only to discover the price and content of this unusual offer are out of reach for 99% of those reading this. So, with your permission, I’m now going to break another rule and tell you the price right up front.

What’s in Players in Print?

  • “The agency that hated the agency business… and bought out its clients”
  • “Dentist to the (almost) stars
  • “How Evelyn Wood built the fastest franchise in speed reading”
  • “The Pharmacist Frontman”
  • From London lawyer’s underground epiphany in 1960 to €278 million in funds raised in 2015
  • From penny-a-word science-fiction writer to $600 million net worth
  • “From the factory floor to direct response superstar”
  • ”Mild mannered copywriter by day…pick up artist by night”
  • “Nordic Invaders”
  • “4-foot-11 marketing giant” and the “natural born hustler”
  • “The man who called Black Monday on live TV”
  • “The Old Lion”
  • “The Carpet Kings”
  • “Bet-A-Million Bob’s Deal of the Century”
  • “Grizzled old goldbug’s amazing advertising alchemy”
  • “The outrageous challenge and the last man standing in nothing down real estate”
  • “Wrinkles FEARED Her”