No Code MVP – Bram Kanstein

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What we can learn from No Code MVP?

In this course, we will learn the fast and cost-effective way to build and validate our startup ideas, without any code. Learn the mindset, process and tools to rapidly turn our idea into a first product we can test with real customers, all without knowing or learning how to code.

This course will boost our idea validation skills with a practical framework to build Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and teach us how to build and launch that first product ourselves, without code. After completing this course, we’ll never waste time on the wrong idea again.

  • 1 – Introduction.
  • 2 – Your Big Idea.
  • 3 – Understanding your Customers and their Problems.
  • 4 – Reading List.
  • 5 – Setting up your MVP Experiment – Part 1.
  • 6 – The tools to Build an MVP without Code.
  • 7 – Setting up your MVP Experiment – Part 2.
  • 8 – Step-by-step Building Guides.
  • 9 – Launching & Learning from your MVP Experiment.
  • 10 – Review.
  • 11 – Extras.
  • 12 – Course Documents & Worksheets.