The Rich Jerk Program

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AND I’M SO SICK OF ALL THESE TOUCHY FEELY GURU ASSHOLES WHO SAY YOU CAN “MANIFEST” MONEY WITH POSITIVE THINKING.Well guess what Einstein? That shit doesn’t work. Or how about the guys up on stage at some stupid seminar saying you just need to “TAKE ACTION?” They make me wanna puke. I do the opposite of what they say and I make millions. And to the people who say money can’t buy happiness? Well… I’m pretty fuckin happy!

  • RULE # 1 – Go Where the Money Already Is.
  • RULE # 2 – Copy a Person Who Is Already Successful.
  • RULE # 3 – You Are Not Your Past.
  • RULE # 4 – Winners Do What Losers Aren’t Willing To Do.
  • RULE # 5 – You Are EXACTLY Where You Want To Be.