Streaming & Instagram Growth – Ari Herstand and Lucidious

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Streaming & Instagram Growth – Ari Herstand and Lucidious download

What you can learn from Streaming & Instagram Growth?

This course is a step-by-step guide to creating real fans online with Ari Herstand. Featuring guest instructor & independent Hip-Hop artist: Lucidious. Of course we know that Instagram is one of the best engagement tools that artists have at their disposal right now. And it’s most fans’ favorite way to keep up with (and interact) with their favorite artists. It’s hot right now. Will it be just as hot in 2 year? Who knows. But right now, it’s one of the best tools artists have to grow and cultivate their fanbase.

We have tested Lucidious’ strategies with a bunch of artists and it works with everyone. Will this kind of growth happen overnight? Of course not. It took Lucidious three years and lots of trial and error. But if you’re in music for the long haul, then you should implement these strategies.

  • Course Intro.
  • Chapter 1 – Getting Set Up.
  • Chapter 2 – Music & Video Content.
  • Chapter 3 – Setting up your AD.
  • Chapter 4 – Managing your AD Performance.
  • Chapter 5 – Analyzing your Growth.
  • Chapter 6 – Long Term Growth.
  • Course Assets.
  • Live Q&A Sessions.
  • Bonus Lesson 1 – Facebook Objectives Overview.
  • Bonus Lesson 2 – Getting on Spotify User Generated Playlists.