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A comprehensive guide for newbies to successfully take your current business online to generate leads and profits.

Goodbye American Dream and Welcome Online Marketing Dream.

If you’re looking at this course, chances are you are either a marketing professional or a business owner who understands the internet of internet marketing today.

You ‘get’ that traditional marketing methods are become more ineffective and expensive and you know that by neglecting to market your business online, you’re missing out on powerful business results that an effective internet marketing strategy can bring about – thousands of leads, millions of dollars in sales and repeat customers.

Whether your business is just getting started with internet marketing or you want to brush up on the basics, this course will help you set up and implement a successful internet marketing step-by-step.

This Course is a super-simple, “marketing-lingo” guide that walks you through proven, actionable steps to establish the right foundation for online marketing success.

My 8 Module Online Marketing Crash Course Outline

  • Module#1: Introduction – Why internet marketing is where most of the new wealth is created and vital for your business to master in order to thrive.
  • Module#2: Creating & Optimizing Your Website – Your website is the most important virtual property you have on the web. Like a traditional store, how you design it determines how well you perform.
  • Module#3: Creating Content – Your content is your invitation to your potential customers in to your website. If your content isn’t engaging, no one will show up.
  • Module#4: Getting Social – Social media is a major source of free traffic and where your customers are hanging out. Engaging your customers effectively will get them to come to your website and buy.
  • Module#5: Converting Traffic into Leads – It’s not enough that you have traffic coming to your website. You need your potential customers to be constantly coming back to your website for them to convert into paying customers.
  • Module#6: Nurturing Leads into Buying Customers – This is all about getting them to like you and your products/services. Not only must they have you on top of their minds, but they must also want to buy your products.
  • Module#7: Analyze and Refine – There will always be some areas of improvement in your business. A leak that might be costing you money or you might be losing out on potential customers. Learn how you optimize your online business to lower costs and generate more money.
  • Module#8: Conclusion – Learn how you can take actionable steps at the end of the program to implement this course and market your business online.

What are the requirements?

  • Stable high speed internet connection (to view the videos)
  • You should be familiar with using the internet proficiently
  • You need to know how traditional marketing works
  • You will need to be familiar with major social networks popular today (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 27 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Over 26 Lectures and 2 hour of content!
  • Learn why online marketing is the best way to sell your products and services
  • How to set up your own website for less than $100 and power it with free marketing tools
  • How to use SEO to rank #1 on major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • How to leverage the power of social media to drive traffic to your website for free
  • How to capture traffic into leads so they keep coming back to your website to buy your products
  • How to do email marketing the right way so they aren’t spammy and annoying
  • How to convert your leads into sales using tried and tested marketing practices
  • Know what numbers to look out for to see the health of your website.
  • How to keep improve your website until it is a product/service selling machine

What is the target audience?

  • Individuals considering online marketing for small businesses
  • Business owners or employees responsible for their company’s website
  • Individuals wanting to learn about online marketing and setting up a brand new site
  • Individuals who want to look into creating a passive income with internet marketing