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Many of you don’t know we’ve been working on a special project for men called Wired to Wealth. It actually started out to be in an area of life I don’t at all profess to be an expert – “wealth creation.” When asked to develop such a program for men, I at first thought my partners wanted something about “how to be a millionaire” through any of a number of popular markets for goods and services, or perhaps an accounting expert style step-by-step course in the specific mechanics of some profit-generating marketing model. In short, I said no. My area is psychology models and new ways of literally envisioning behavior through visual media, diagrams, maps, diagrams and video. However, after saying no, I thought a lot about the subject. All the programs out there on how a man can get a toe-hold on financial advantage always seemed to me to be of two “camps.”

The first was of the “how-to” type in a specific area I don’t know any specifics about – for example, real estate, or stock trading, or running advertisements. And that sure isn’t for me – it doesn’t interest, educate or excite me all that much, those most “lucrative areas.” I like the mind and its workings – for me, the most exciting thing that can be studied.