60-Minute‌ ‌Makeovers‌ ‌Copywriting‌ ‌Mini-Course – Laura‌ ‌Belgray‌

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60-Minute‌ ‌Makeovers‌ ‌Copywriting‌ ‌Mini-Course – Laura‌ ‌Belgray‌ download

What you can learn from 60-Minute‌ ‌Makeovers‌ ‌Copywriting‌ ‌Mini-Course?

The 60-Minute Makeovers Mini-Course is phenomenal. One thing that’s really awesome are the frameworks. It’s easy to write someone else’s copy… but it’s hard to remove yourself and be objective when you’re writing your own. The frameworks are so helpful for that.

In this easy-to-digest reader. You’ll get to see small, but crucial, nips and tucks that make all the difference. Swap a word here, delete a word there. Suck the fat out of this part, plump up that part. What to write, what not to write. On your homepage, your Services page, your header and tagline, your emails to leads, your About page, even a physical mailer.