Alexunder Hess – The Landing Page Mastery

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Alexunder Hess – The Landing Page Mastery

What you can Learn from Alexunder Hess – The Landing Page Mastery?

THE LANDING PAGE MASTERY 4-hour video course. How to create High-Converting Landing Pages From Marketing, Copywriting and Design to conversations with clients. Your step-by-step guide on how to create high-converting landing pages to make you a successful result-focused UX/UI Designer.

Become a Result-Focused Designer in just One Day! You are a Designer! And you want to feel valued and appreciated for your hard work, right?

Process ≠ Result. So many designers are focused on the process while you and your clients want Results = Metrics = Money
In this masterclass, you’ll learn the secrets of how to deliver results, work with clients, create high-converting landing pages, write catchy copy and develop them super easy and fast, even without previous experience in development or copywriting.

  • 3 types of Landing pages that bring money
  • 5 Layers of Marketing behind a high-converting Landing Page
  • How to do Research and write compelling headlines that grab attention
  • The 8-Step Design process of a high-converting Landing Page
  • How to develop a Landing page for free not being a developer
  • How to test your landing pages for the highest results
  • How to show value and how much to charge for your work
  • Communication with a client secrets
  • 5 best typefaces for high conversions
  • How to create a stunning Hero / Product image
  • What CTAs, colours and images to use for the landing page
  • 7-block structure of the landing page