Conversion Optimization Training Course

Course Description: Conversion optimization is about driving more sales from the existing traffic on the websites or landing pages, by improving overall conversion rate and troubleshooting problem areas. 1. Introduction to Conversion Optimization 2. Conversion Planning 3. Conversion Design Structure 4. Creating Conversion Structure 5. Building Momentum 6. Engaging inRead More Conversion Optimization Training Course

Prospecting On Demand – Alex Schlinsky

What we can get in this course? Prospecting On Demand is an online mastermind and implementation bootcamp that will help grow your business by generating qualified leads daily through a proven system of lead-generation tactics. LinkedIn Mastery+Optimization Checklist – Step-by-Step Optimization Checklist; Messaging Scripts; Automated Prospecting Method; Automatic Connections Script.Read More Prospecting On Demand – Alex Schlinsky

Speak-to-Sell Virtual Bootcamp – Spring 2015 – Lisa Sasevich

What you will learn from this course? Knowing how to LEVERAGE your time and effort far beyond 1:1 sales. Knowing the specific steps to easily TRANSITION from your talk to your offer without being “salesy.” This is the part heart-centered entrepreneurs usually struggle with! Insider secrets to keeping the salesRead More Speak-to-Sell Virtual Bootcamp – Spring 2015 – Lisa Sasevich