Content & Commerce Summit 2016 – Digital Marketer

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What is Content & Commerce Summit

Content & Commerce Summit is unique because it brings digital media and ecommerce brands together, in the same room, to network, share ideas and discover new opportunities.

And why are we doing this? Because commerce needs media…and media needs commerce. To put it another way, media companies (think bloggers, podcasters, news sites, content marketers, etc.) are great at aggregating attention, but they often fall short in MONETIZING that attention.

Commerce companies (i.e. ecommerce stores, Amazon sellers, and even traditional brick and mortar retailers), on the other hand, are usually great at monetization…they just lack the systems and know-how to attract attention and build communities around their brands. And that’s why this event was born. We wanted to find out what would happen when the best media companies and the best commerce brands get together to:

  1. Discuss (and debate) the latest and most innovative business models across multiple verticals
  2. Share groundbreaking trends and technologies, and…
  3. Collaborate and forge truly innovative partnerships and joint ventures

That’s why Content & Commerce Summit was created, and now you’re invited to be a part of it.