Copy Penthouse Experience – Mitch Miller

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“I’ll Show You How To Craft Advertising That Will Make You Rich Even If The Idea Of Writing Sends More Chills Down Your Spine Than Donald Trump Kissing The Back of Your Neck…”

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

Session 1: The Million Dollar Sales Pitch Recipe

Session 2: Market Research Done The Right Way

Session 3: The Other Avatar Nobody Talks About

Session 4: Crafting An Offer So Irresistible, Your Copy Skills Can Suck And People Will Still Buy

Session 5: My Easy “Choose Your Own Adventure” Formula For Perfect Headlines

Session 6: How To Start Off Your Sales Message So The Reader Becomes Addicted To Hearing More

Session 7: Creating Believable Copy (Discover How To Get People To Actually Listen To You)

Session 8: Crafting Your Nightmare Story (Hint: Without one, they can’t trust you)

Session 9: Painting The Vivid Picture Of Achieving Their Dream Life Thanks To Your Product

Session 10: The Product Reveal (Most People Get This Part Pathetically Wrong…)

Session 11: Machine Gun Bullet Blitz – Rapid fire benefit bombing

Session 12: Social Proof Madness And Getting (Lots Of) Perfect Testimonials

Session 13: This Is The Only Place In The Letter It’s OK To Talk About Product Features

Session 14: The Roller Coaster Strategy: Value Build + Price Drop

Session 15: The “Knock ‘Em Off The Fence” Strategy: Scarcity + Risk Reversal

Session 16: How To Ask For Money

Session 17: How To End The Letter For Maximum Conversions