Craigslist Cash Cow – Make $40 to $300 Per Day – Value $37

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A Small Test Turned Into A Cash Cow!

As a top internet marketer I test things all the time. I decided to place one craigslist ad and test the results. I had no idea if it was going to work or not. Within an hour of placing the Ad I got a sale and made $80.
The cool part is I had someone else do all the work delivered an awesome product thats was so good they put in another order the same day. So on an ad that took me 5 minutes to place for Free it generated $160!

That’s when I knew it was time to turn it up. So I placed ads in bigger cities. The orders flew in. I had invested ZERO DOLLARS and was making profits of over 300%


I got an email from someone that was asking for a price on my ad. Since I make all profit I priced it cheap at  $35 bucks. Remember I do NO WORK someone else does. I got an email back that they Needed 200 at $35!
That was $7000 for me not spending any more time than placing the ad. I will show you the proof in the course!

How would you like to bank $7000 with someone else doing all your work?

American Idol Yes It Happened

So I have another person email me for the product. Found out it was someone who made it to Hollywood week on this years American Idol. So far he has ordered from me four times. I sold him a $40 product and made $160. He is now sending all his friends to me. Once you deliver the product you start to get re-orders like crazy.


This is NOT an MLM or any Home Based Business you are advertising. You do not need to sponsor anyone or try to recruit. This is straight up selling products. I show you where to get and you start making money. No hassles no comp plan to learn. This is a cash cow that you can do without trying to convince anyone. All the people come to you from placing free ads on Craigslist. It is very possible to make over $1000 your first week!

Here is What You Get: 

I will give you a complete step by step video course. I will show you my EXACT ads YES Word for Word. I will show you what images to post in the ads. I will show you what cities have great response. I will even show you how to get others to post the ads for you.

I will show you where to get the products to deliver and how to make sure you get paid! I will show you how to invoice the customer. Again all step by step and this is very easy takes under 5 minutes.

This course will blow you away and you can be up and running the same exact day making money!