Facebook Ads For Regular People – Dave Kaminski

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What you can learn from Facebook Ads For Regular People?

If you need a simple and reliable way to send traffic to your website for building email lists or selling products, here it is. Here’s the plain truth. I don’t like Facebook. I don’t even have a personal Facebook account.

But I know three things: First, how well Facebook ads work for building email lists and generating sales for small businesses. Second, how small businesses get screwed over by doing Facebook ads wrong (like my client, Ken). And third, how there is an abundance of over-priced and overly-complicated Facebook ad training out there that small business owners get sucked into.

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  • This is the Goal.
  • It will all Change.
  • Facebook Ads for Regular People – Web Video University.
  • Setting up the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Creating your Facebook Pixel.
  • Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website.
  • The Facebook Ad Workflow.
  • The Facebook Ads Manager 101.
  • The Facebook Police.
  • The Lead Magnet.
  • And Much More.