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“Let Me Teach You How This Simple
IM Foundation Method
Will Drive Laser Targeted
ACTIVE Subscribers & Buyers
Onto Your Email Marketing Lists”

Dear Warriors,

My name is Shane Farrell – and I’m here today to BLOW your mind!

For the last 4 years I’ve been in the online marketing arena, but I never really made any ‘solid’ income…

• I’d jump from product to product.

• I’d spent thousands of dollars trying to find the ‘magic bullet’.

• I struggled.

Trust me when I say,

I KNOW what it’s like!

I know what it feels like to feel like you’re ‘failing’… but I also know how to overcome it!

After a couple of years of struggling, one day, I finally sat down and decided that I would start over and focus only on tried and TRUE foundation strategies that would work..

• No ‘Fads’

• No ‘Trends’

• No ‘Gimmicks’

• No ‘Loopholes’

I’d find a PROFITABLE method and focus 100% on it rather then jumping from shiny object to shiny object…

… And BOY did it help!

Within a few months of narrow focus, my profits increased, my frustration at my failure subsided and I was working harder then I ever though I could because I was actually ENJOYING my work, rather then ‘getting by’.

All thanks to a simple method I use to find high quality ACTIVE subscribers in my niche. These are subscribers that are ready to take action and looking for results. NO SEO, PPC, SOLO ADS. Just 20 minutes a day to drive new subscribers and profits that scales over time.