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What you can learn from this course?’s mission is to uplift, heal, and educate the Urban Community on Estate Affairs & beneficial Commercial Practices.

  • Estate Planning (Part 5) – Conclusion: The Treasurer w/ all the Treasures.
  • Estate Planning (Part 4) – The Perfection of Security Instruments.
  • Estate Planning (Part 3) – IRS Documents & Effectively Setting Up Trusts + Tax Exemptions.
  • Estate Planning (Part 2) – Trust Law 101.
  • Estate Planning (Part 1) – Authentications.
  • Inventions & Patents – How to Become a Creator.
  • Allodial Titles & Land Patents.
  • How to Set Up Your *PRIVATE* P.O. Box to Handle Mail.
  • The Power of Copyrighting Your Name.
  • The Truth About Foreclosures & Self Defense.
  • Student Loan Discharge Pack 2.0.
  • How to Send FREE Certified Mail Free.
  • The J-O-B & Staying Tax Free! (Keep Your Income Tax).
  • Abomination To Toll Violations.
  • Common Law Default Process For Traffic Tickets.
  • How To Handle Traffic Tickets.
  • How To Deal With Police 101.
  • Create Your Own *Auto Bond Insurance*.
  • Iron-Man Injunction – Becoming The General Of Your Life.
  • Rescind Your Driver’s License.
  • New “Challenge Of Jurisdiction” To Beat Most Cases.
  • Notice Of Special Restricted Appearance & Challenge Of Jurisdiction.
  • Rescind Your Voter’s Registration.
  • GSA Bonds & Bailing Yourself Out.
  • GSA Forms To Settle Many Court Cases.
  • Terminate An IRS “Notice Of Lien”.
  • Freedom Of Information Act – Learn To Request A Judge’s Oath Of Office.
  • Rescission From The IRS & The Administrative Process.
  • And Much More.