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Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are your Kindle books not selling enough?
  • Are you struggling to get your books seen?
  • Would you like to skyrocket your Kindle sales?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then what I have to offer will definitely benefit you a ton.

You will discover the solution to all those questions above & much more.


I’ve been publishing Kindle books for almost 3 years now, and over that time I’ve gone through TONS of trial & error, resulting in me discovering TONS of valuable info about selling books.

Over time, the techniques I used got better & better.

Most recently, I’ve discovered my most powerful strategy yet, and until now I haven’t shared it with ANYONE. This new strategy allows me to utilize a little-known Kindle “loophole” to get ANY book on the first page for ANY keyword, resulting in TONS of autopilot sales.

I’ve tested this out dozens of times on my own books & with clients, and so far it’s worked amazingly well every single time.

Now you can apply these strategies to your own books to achieve similar amazing results.

Here’s The Problem Most Kindle Publishers Face…

Successfully generating an income stream from Kindle isn’t as easy as it use to be.

I’ve realized that there are 5 main things that you must do correctly in order to be successful with Kindle…

  • Keywords
  • Content
  • Cover
  • Marketing
  • Getting reviews

Let me explain each of those briefly…

Keywords, because this is how Amazon promotes your books. Keywords ALONE can get you on the front page of popular search terms such as “romance” or “mystery”, resulting in hundreds of extra book sales. This is a form of marketing alone.

Content, because it’s important to your long-term success and review ratings. High quality books get better rankings & do much better in the long-term, while poor quality books die out quickly.

Your cover, because this is what people see first before anything else. This is what pulls them in & grabs their interest first.

Marketing, because it gives you the kick-start you need. This is what will really turn your book into a bestseller overnight.

Getting reviews, because they increase credibility. Having only a few reviews will scare potential buyers away, while having many reviews will give you a huge edge over the competition.

Honestly, if you get just 1 of those 5 wrong, you’re screwed.

The reason most authors aren’t as successful as they could be is because they don’t do all of these aspects properly.

Many people write great books, but they publish them with a poor cover, a poor keyword selection & zero marketing.

Then they wait for the sales to come in… and nothing.
They’ll probably get a couple sales here & there, but nothing compared to what they could have otherwise achieved.

You need more than just great content to be successful at Kindle publishing.

You can’t just publish a book and then forget about it, then expect good results.

That just doesn’t happen… at least not anymore.


With “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane”, your keyword problems & marketing problems are now solved!

I have taken my entire powerful Kindle keyword loophole process and simplified it into a quick 9-step process that you can easily implement into your own Kindle books today to skyrocket your sales.

You will discover the exact same process that I use to get my books on to the 1st page of ANY keyword.
(Even top keywords like “romance” & “mystery”).

There’s no longer a need to worry about the problems that I stated earlier, because this solves them for you.

As I mentioned earlier, the strategy inside of “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” will almost always allow you to get any book onto the front page of any keyword.

You can imagine how powerful that would be.

This keyword loophole is so powerful that it also covers the marketing for you, because it’s basically forcing Amazon to promote your book for you.

To sum it all up, the simple strategy inside of “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” will drive TONS of extra book sales on autopilot.

Whether you already publish on Kindle or not, this will be very useful to you.

Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… how about some proof?

Proof That These Methods Work:

I have thoroughly tested this strategy by publishing many Kindle books according to it.
I’ve even used this strategy to revive some of my old books.

I used no other promotion with these books, just so that I could see how they performed on their own.

The results?

Well, let’s take a look at my most recent example from one of my client’s books.

My client Sam just published his first book using my “Kindle Bestseller Fastlane” strategy.

Now when you go to and type in “romance”, this is what you see: