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What we can learn from Mastering Value Propositions?

We’ve got an idea for a product or service, but how will we transform that idea into a reality without burning piles of cash and precious time? Millions of people worldwide are using these proven methods to create value propositions customers want let’s see how we can too.

This course will teach us how to better understand customers, and create value propositions that sell. Learn the Value Proposition Canvas methodology, used by millions business practitioners worldwide. Create a shared language around value propositions. Pairs with the Business Model Canvas methodology.

  • 1 – Introduction, Customer Jobs, Job Types, Unbundle Customer Profiles.
  • 2 – Customer Pains, Customer Gains, Cast Study Tesla, Best Practices, Identify High Value Jobs.
  • 3 – Six Techniques to Gain Customer Insights, The Journalist…
  • 4 – Products and Services, Pain Relievers and Gain Creators…
  • 5 – Circle vs Square, Fit, Same Customer Different Contexts.
  • 6 – Business Models, Customer and Business Value, Back and Forth, Multiple Fits.
  • 7 – Key Value Drivers, Ten Characteristics.
  • 8 – Competitors.
  • 9 – Design Attitude, Case Study SunEdison.
  • 10 – Innovate.
  • 11 – Facilitation, Validation, People materials and Room Set up, Objectives and Constraints.
  • 12 – Reducing Risk, Technology Risk vs Market Risk, Validation, Earlyvangelists, Critical Hypothesis.
  • 13 – Experiments, Experiment Library, Test Card, Learning Card.