Maxwell Finn – TikTok Ads Masterclass

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Maxwell Finn – TikTok Ads Masterclass

What you can learn from Maxwell Finn – TikTok Ads Masterclass?

The TikTok Ads Blueprint is an actionable, step-by-step, roadmap for how I run ads for some of the biggest brands in the world. Upon popular request. You will now receive the TikTok Ads Blueprint with your investment in the TikTok Ads MasterClass!


  • Why I am so bullish on it.
  • Initial results, how long we’ve been on it, etc.
  • Why marketers should start diversifying their spend onto it ASAP.
  • Understanding how users are using the platform and what makes it so different from other apps.


  • Breaking down our audience and creative testing process.
  • How we are using their ACO feature to rapidly test creative.
  • How to do research on the app to identify hot trends, hashtags, sounds, filters and more to incorporate.
  • Handling rapid creative fatigue and becoming a creative testing machine.
  • How to leverage the power of influencers with Spark Ads.


  • Our process for scaling up the budget profitably with proven winning creatives and audiences.
  • Switching from lowest cost to cost cap bidding to control CPA.
  • Having steady stream of new creative being tested to combat rapid fatigue.