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Get a step-by-step training for becoming a thought leader and building a 7-figure thought leader business. Get known and respected for what you know and finally paid what you’re worth!

Important! Take a few minutes to read this before you register because I am going to outline exactly what you get in the Thoughtpreneur Academy including how to claim over $12,500 in BONUSES just for joining. Once you have read everything you will register at the bottom of the page by selecting your plan and get started today!
Everyone has life experiences, expertise, or message that needs to be shared with the world…including YOU!
And the cool thing is that you can get PAID for sharing what you know if you simply refine what you know into a memorable, teachable, and sellable format.
But, how the heck do you do that?
The short answer is content enrichment; you create frameworks, add depth to your content, and build on the shoulders of the giants that came before you.
If you simply nail the content, marketing becomes easy…
It’s like adding a match to a bucket of gasoline.
— You get more likes, shares, and follows.
— Your audience sells your stuff for you
— You no longer have to convince, sell, and persuade
— You actually start to build a true following that looks for your stuff
This is the whole premise of Thoughtpreneur Academy – nail the content and add a match…
And for the first time EVER, we’ve opened up enrollment into Thoughtpreneur Academy!
In this BRAND NEW, step-by-step program you’ll identify your signature expertise, extract content and lessons, refine them into ultra-valuable content chunks, and build an entire business around it.
When you sign up for Thoughtpreneur Academy right now, you get:
  1. Thoughtpreneur Academy 6-Week Online Course (Value $1,997) Brand new, never before released course on the fastest path to becoming a highly paid thought leader. Modules release each week for six weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course for life and can go at your own pace. Mel takes you on a deep-dive into:
    • how to identify your expertise, leverage thought leadership, and stand out in crowded markets. You’ll learn advanced concepts on positioning, scaling rapidly using the cluster method, and leveraging your time (this is week #1 of your training).
    • how to create your content so it blows people’s minds and gets your audience to share your message for free. You’ll learn how to modularize your content to quickly and easily create speeches, books, courses, podcasts, and other curriculum (week #2).
    • how to build powerful frameworks that are memorable, protectable, and motivate people to action. You’ll learn the 4 types of content frameworks and how to use them to increase sales and the impact of your content (week #3).
    • how to choose a delivery method and figure out your lowest hanging fruit. Do you start with courses, coaching, speaking, books–we’ll find out! (week #4)
    • how to position yourself, build market demand, and charge more. You’ll develop your positioning matrix and learn to leverage your bio and introduction to set conversations off on the right foot (week #5).
    • how to get clients and customers and have sales conversations. You’ll also learn what to focus on over the next 90-days to continue to move the needle in your business (week #6).
  2. BONUS #1: Two Tuition-Waivers to Thoughtpreneur Academy LIVE (Value $5,000) Join hundreds of entrepreneurs and thought leaders at our LIVE event. This is where Mel shares the cutting edge strategies and tactics and will help you apply what you’ve learned to your business, industry, and situation. You won’t want to miss this! Our next event is September 9th-11th in Orange County, CA. There is no tuition for you (you save $5,000), a one-time separate $97 materials fee applies.
  3. BONUS #5: Entrepreneur Toolkit Swipe File (Value $1,497) This is a MASSIVE library of sample documents, templates, worksheets, agreements, and spreadsheets that Mel uses to grow and manage his business. This alone will give you a starting point to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with attorneys and advisors!
  4. BONUS #3: Asset Protection Strategy Course (Value $497) This is a separate training that gives you the conceptual framework to protect your intellectual property. You will understand how major thought leaders structure their businesses to protect your content and ideas.
  5. BONUS #2: Branding You (Value $497) Special training on the keys to branding, the elements of branding and what you need consider when protecting your brand.
  6. BONUS #4: The Power of Story (Value $497) Stories are used to bring your content to life and to raise the value to the marketplace. This training with master storyteller and broadway performer, Bo Eason, focuses on how you can use story to 10X your impact.
  7. BONUS #6: Exclusive Thoughtpreneur Community (Value $4,997) This is an exclusive closed community of other up-and-coming thoughtpreneurs where advice, learning, and tricks are shared daily. This is a think-tank of incredible minds making a huge difference.
That’s $12,500 worth of value that you get absolutely FREE when you enroll today!
In this training, Mel shares exactly how he built his multi-million dollar thought leader business…
You get all of the bonuses on this page PLUS the online training system for $997 (normally $1,997 – 50% OFF) for a short time.