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Kevin Polley Speaking at a Network Empire Live Certification Event

What Is The Semantic Web Optimization Training Course?

In October and November of 2013, the Them Zoom Semantic web team presented two introductory Semantic Web presentations to a sold out webinar audience. This webinar was in response to the release of Google Hummingbird algorithm. These changes are only the first of a large number of Google algorithms and semantic web integration plans. You can still access these past semantic webinar events as a Network Empire Member right here.

Here are a few points that had our students clamoring for a Semantic Web Optimization training course:

The End of Traditional SEO Is In Sight

Is the end of traditional SEO for real this time – and is it in sight?

Yup. Google’s integration of the semantic web is the end of SEO as we know it.  Google’s end game scenario is a 100% personalized search engine results page based on your unique and individual interests. Personalized search results will eventually takeover. But most SEO companies today are all about first page Google Rankings. If the ever-increasing semantic standards give everyone a UNIQUE and Personalized first page Google results – where does that leave SEO experts and their clients? Get trained on how to “seamlessly” handle these changes while other SEO’s struggle to keep up.

Get trained on how to implement this information long before any of this change becomes a concern. 

Become A Semantic Web Optimization Expert . . . Before It’s Fashionable!

It is extremely difficult to  “Fake-Out” or game the Semantic Web. There are ZERO gimmicks, codes, markups, plugins or “Black Hat” tools you can use to “Exploit and Abuse” these new semantic standards. In fact, if you attempt to do so, you will be seen as a Bright Beacon of Spam to be de-indexed automatically. Consider the HummZilla Semantic Filter the perfect “self-regulating” spam detection system that lowers Google’s cost of combatting spammers.

Get trained on how to implement this information long before any of this change becomes a concern.