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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
You get the exact task list that I used to build successful Amazon Affiliate sites.
You get the the same blueprint for link building.
You get the most useful best practices from Project Management that I bring from my day job.
I created a website from scratch and it was featured on Niche Pursuits.
Why use Project Management?
The biggest companies in the world use Project Management to effectively manage their projects.

Guess what…

The best solo entrepreneurs and internet marketers use it too.

Project Management provides a clear process for managing projects and establishes clear expectations for what has to be completed to deliver each project, in the right order, and how the work should be done.

In our case, each niche web site is a project. I identified the critical Project Management best practices that are the most useful for creating niche websites.

The book is an instant download in PDF format.

There are two parts:

Part 1 outlines creating a niche site from scratch using project management principles.

Part 2 is a primer in project management with a focus on niche websites.

What’s in the Book?

Learn how-to build a site that can make money while you sleep – Passively
Learn how to replicate the process
Earn extra money to take more vacations, eat out more often, or pay off debt
Learn why you should outsource some things at the start (even if you don’t want to outsource everything)
The 7 questions you HAVE to ask yourself before you get started
Covers the 3 MAIN areas of expenses that you MUST think about when you start a niche site
See how to navigate through Amazon product pages to find PROFITABLE products
Generate dozens of keyword ideas using the Exclusive Role Playing for Keywords Method of brainstorming
Avoid the most COMMON keyword mistakes
Why “Buyer’s Keywords” are absolutely CRITICAL to you succeeding
Learn to find Keyword Monthly Search Volumes for FREE using the Google Keyword Planner
See the 3 questions I answer for every potential keyword and niche (in the keyword research worksheet)
See the SIX factors I look for to analyze the competition – even if you don’t have any paid tools
Learn about the THREE Free Tools that I use to analyze the competition’s backlinks
Why I love to see other niche sites as competitors – and why YOU SHOULD, too
Get access to the same competition analysis spreadsheet that I use for every single niche site
Why I don’t get exact match domains anymore & why you shouldn’t either
Why you should avoid expensive & confusing WordPress themes – and use the default WordPress Themes instead (like 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015!)
The FOUR pages that every Amazon Affiliate Website must have (plus, a FREE privacy page generator)
Two FREE sources of images that you can use for all your niche sites
How to apply for the Amazon Associate program and get approved on the first try
Why blog comments are the fastest way to get relevant backlinks for any niche site
How-to find 1000s of blog posts to comment on for free backlinks
How you can take advantage of a plugin called CommentLuv to get backlinks – and, it’s White Hat
SEVEN Web 2.0 Blogs that you can create for free, and get “do-follow” backlinks that you own
The SIX Social Profiles that actually matter – and, they count as white hat backlinks
FIVE Web Directory backlinks that you can get and your competition won’t even suspect it
Two Free ways to check the number of visitors your niche site gets every day
See how to check your rankings quickly for free, even if you don’t use paid services
The top two services that I use to check rankings easily