Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller

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Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller

What you can learn from Nicola Moors – Brand Voice Baller?

Plonking a Schitt’s Creek GIF into an email isn’t adding personality. You listen to a couple of podcasts, dunk some phrases into the sales page and call it a day…

That isn’t brand voice. You plonk a Schitt’s Creek GIF into a sales email… That’s not adding personality. Right now, you’re winging it. The Brand Voice Baller is designed to get you results fast.

What’s inside?

  • 7 modules of bite-sized training videos so you have a simple process and exercises to add personality to copy, nail brand voice and write copy that feels more human (& like your client)
  • Over-the-shoulder walkthrough videos to see how I do it
  • My coveted interview and survey questions to ask your clients the right questions to find their voice
  • Real-life brand voice guide so you know exactly what they look like
  • A plug-and-play voice template so you can spend more time on voice and less on formatting
  • Step-by-step workbooks packed with exercises, prompts and tools
  • Edited-by-an-actual-human transcripts with headings and bullet points
  • Private podcast to get my British accent in your ears wherever you are
  • Closed captions on every video