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Outsourcing Authority – ConjureGram download

What we will learn in Outsourcing Authority?

  • How to immediately begin outsourcing tasks for profit and free time even if you don’t seem to have any budget availabl.
  • What tasks you should outsource first in your business for immediate impact starting this week.
  • How to get outsources integrated into your business fast without having to teach them everything from scratch and wasting more time.
  • Where the most talented freelancers and outsourcers for lowest price and how to get them to agree to work on your projects.
  • How to get outsourcing help that does an A+ job and won’t disappear after you spend time training them.
  • How to approach and outsource many different tasks correctly and cheaply including ghost writing, content writing, software development, graphic design, and more.
  • 3 Tips to become 10x more productive you can begin doing immediately – When you should hire your first full time employee and how to guarantee it’s an A+ hire from the start.
  • My secret script that quickly shows which freelancers & outsourcers will actually deliver on their promises & which will just over promise and under deliver.
  • Where to go other than just Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to find quality help fast.
  • My secret Rolodex of the best tools and softwares to used to automate tasks and FAR more than that. This works for any aspect of your business, not just traffic or Instagram as well.