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Shawna Newman – YouTube for Niche Sites

What you can learn from Shawna Newman – YouTube for Niche Sites?

For a long time, I resisted doing YouTube for my portfolio of niche sites and content sites. I foolishly thought:

  • It will take too much time
  • I don’t want to be on camera
  • I won’t be able to make good videos
  • It won’t really help my site
  • It won’t really bring in more traffic
  • It won’t really work as a new revenue stream
  • It’s just not worth the time or effort

Getting Started

  • What You’re Going To Need
  • Picking A Niche & Naming Your Channel
  • Creating The YouTube Channel

Your First Videos

  • Creating A Content Strategy
  • Planning Your Videos
  • Video Ideation & Structure Deep Dive
  • Video Production Basics
  • Editing, Uploading, & Publishing Videos

Growing The Channel & Monetization

  • Getting Subscribers and Views
  • Intro To YouTube Analytics
  • Making Money + An Overview of My Process


  • TubeBuddy Chrome Extension
  • New Channel Case Study
  • Tools, Example Channels & More