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Attention: Adults suffering from insomnia…

“ Are You Tired Of Laying Awake At Night, Tossing And Turning Without Falling Asleep, Or Even Worse, Staying Up All Night Wondering When Your Insomnia Will End And Finally Get The Restful Sleep You Deserve?”

New Discovery In Scientifically Proven Brainwave Technology Stops ‘Root Cause’ Of Insomnia, and ‘Re-trains’ Your Mind To Enter A Deep And Restful Sleep Within Moments Of Your Head Touching Your Pillow Starting Your Very First Night!


From the desk of: Kacper Postawski
Date: February 16, 2015

Dear null ,

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep and wake up even more tired than before you went bed?

Do you lie in bed for a few more hours on weekends hoping to catch up on your lost sleep?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you work – you’re losing your mental dexterity, your performance and feel depressed and irritable because you didn’t get a good, refreshing night of restful sleep?

These Are All The Signs You’re Suffering From Insomnia!

But I have good news for you:

You can get your good nights sleep back…
Boost Your Stamina… Feel three times better…
Wake up fully recharged ready To Win The Day…
Without Any Pills!

Imagine this:

You fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow… No more tossing and turning… No more listening to the voices inside your head…

You sleep a peaceful and restful eight hours… You wake up with a smile on your face… You know that you have enough energy to last through your day….

You say “goodbye” to headaches, that drowsy feeling, your irritation and even stress…

You say “welcome” to living in peace, enjoying tripled productivity, staying motivated like never before, and even benefiting from your increased sexual energy…

Yes, that can be your new reality in as little as 3 days.

Let me tell you about a…

New Scientific Breakthrough That Has
Already Helped Thousands Of People
Start Sleeping Better Than Ever And
Restore Their Energy Levels.

First, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Kacper Postawski. I’m an ordinary man and I’m certainly not a celebrity. I’d been suffering from insomnia for more than three years. I’d tried virtually everything that even remotely promised me a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

While a lot of the remedies I tried did, in fact, do what they promised – they put me to sleep – well, you know what, they also caused a lot of unpleasant side effects.

In the morning I still felt tired, groggy, lethargic and disoriented. Plus, I became dependent on sleeping pills. Ironically, the cure for insomnia caused me more harm and cost me more money than the insomnia itself.

So, I decided to search for

The Root Cause of Insomnia…

and then get rid of it once and forever.

Let me share with you the results of my research. Even though I’m a little afraid that billion dollar drug companies will try to shut me up –

I Want You To Know The Truth!

The real “root” cause of insomnia is in your own brain.

And I can show you how to “fix” it.

Here’s why:

You see, our brain is made up of billions and billions of inter-connected nerve cells.

Every second those nerve cells produce electrical impulses that vibrate at regular intervals called Brain Wave Patterns. These brain wave patterns are closely related to how you feel, your thoughts, and your state of being.

Altogether there are four groups of brain wave patterns. (Think of these just like the gears in a car.)

The first one associated with normal waking consciousness is called Beta brainwave pattern. In this state of your brain you’re fully awake (just like you are right now). Beta is linked to the concentration, alertness and awareness.

As you relax, the nerve cells in your brain slow down you brain wave activity just like a driver shifts to lower gear. The second, brain wave pattern one is called Alpha. Alpha brain wave patterns vary from the state of a very deep relaxation – sometimes called daydreaming when you’re half awake and half asleep – to a state of being relaxed but still focused.

For example when you’re reading an interesting book you simply can’t put down or watching an interesting movie – you’re probably in the higher end of Alpha brain wave pattern.

Then, there’s even slow brainwave pattern Theta. Your brain switches into Theta gear when you’re fully asleep. Your body begins to heal itself, your immune system is releasing hormones your body needs and… your body re-energizes itself. You usually see dreams when you’re in the Theta state.

The last brainwave pattern is called Delta. It’s associated with deep and dreamless sleep. Your body releases even more highly beneficial chemicals your body needs including the Human Growth hormone.

Now, it’s time for you to know that…

Insomnia Is Caused By…

The inability of your own brain to switch from the higher gear – Beta brainwave pattern to a lower one – the Alpha pattern. Then your body does what it has to so you can get relaxing full night of sleep.

The moment you go to bed, instead of relaxing and allowing your brain slowly shift into the Alpha brainwave pattern, your brain stays in the Beta frequency and that causes anxiety, frustration, tossing and turning all night…

But It’s Not Your Fault…

You see, at some point in your life you might have had a stressful week… or you stayed up late for a few nights… or you couldn’t stop thinking about ways to overcome temporary financial difficulties…

Knowing all that, I can say with confidence:

You Could Get Your Deep, Relaxing, Peaceful Sleep
Every Night In As Little As 3 Days
For The Rest Of Your Life!

Let me tell you how:

All you have to do is re-train your mind to produce the sleepy Alpha brain patterns which will peacefully escort you into the realm of sleep.

It’s both easy and natural.

How do you re-train your mind?

Until now, the only way to naturally shift your brain from Beta into Alpha brain wave patterns was to practice transcendental meditation or… try relaxation exercises which are designed to eventually turn your mind off and shift you into the desired brain state.

Practicing meditation and relaxation exercises requires a lot of will power and – most importantly – time. That’s why the majority of people give up on meditation and relaxation exercises after first two sessions or sooner.

What do they do and where do they go next? Well, many insomniacs pay for prescription drugs or herbal supplements. Only to discover that they can’t sleep anymore without taking a pill…

The last option for insomniacs is to try hypnosis or so-called “relaxation” CDs. And for many this may not work.

First, hypnosis is quite expensive if you hire a good therapist. And hypnosis may not work if the therapist is inexperienced and lacks proper and sufficient training.

Second, musical composers who really don’t know much about the science behind creating a good, deep sleep make most of these audio meditation programs.

Think about it – if most doctors don’t know how to treat insomnia properly – how do musical composers know about the proper technology to induce your natural brain states?

The Ultimate Cure For Insomnia Is Here.

You see, I have personally invested tens of thousands of dollars and several months of working 18-hour days dedicated to creating a simple yet effective sleep induction program anyone can use.

The result of all my hard work was the creation of a powerful audio program that automatically re-trains your brain to get to the Alpha state. And that means your body responds naturally the way it is supposed to in order to help you sleep a longer and more restful sleep.