Spellbound-Storytelling For Action – Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis

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Spellbound-Storytelling For Action – Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis

What you can learn from Spellbound-Storytelling For Action – Chris Wright and Peter Tzemis?

Freelancers And Business Owners Looking To Add An Additional 6,7, or 8 figures To Their Bank Account. Now, For The First Time Ever, There’s Never Been An Easier Way To Craft Action-provoking, Money-Printing Stories All Thanks To The “E.P.I.C.” storytelling Framework. Discover The Simple, 4-step Storytelling System Directly Responsible For creating Multiple Top Offers and generating Over 100M online.

Module 1: Story-ception 101

This is the HEART of spellbound. In this module, I’ll walk you through what a story is, and how YOU can harness them to DOUBLE and triple your conversions and squeeze out every penny from your offers, ads, and emails.

Module 2: The E.P.I.C Storytelling Framework 

This is where the rubber meets the road. Inside this module, I’ll show you the 4-step EPIC framework for writing hard-hitting, emotionally-driven stories that tap into the limbic brain and persuade your readers and move them to action.

Module 3: The Conversion-Boosting-Triggers™ of the Limbic Brain

Because in this module, you’ll discover ways to not only dramatically increase the power of the stories you tell by harnessing the psychology of humans. You’ll also learn how to instantly bring to life a “dead story” that pulls prospects in their droves.

Module 4: The 7 Deadly SINS of storytelling

Sometimes the best way to win is not to do things right, but to avoid doing the wrong things. Which is why in this module we’ll cover the 7 deadly sins of storytelling you must avoid so that you can shortcut your way to writing killer stories that move people to take action.

Module 5: Storytelling Without words

One of the most overlooked aspects of storytelling, especially for copywriters and marketers, is the production value…

Music, jump cuts, countdown timers, b-roll. All of it, incorporated strategically, can give you (or your client) MASSIVE boosts in ROAS, AOV, Epost-production.

Bonus #1: Good Stories & Bad Stories

In this bonus, we’ll deep dive into some of the best (and worst) stories and surgically evaluate what makes them so powerful. And where you have the opportunity to pull some strings and ramp up the emotional firepower (and make some serious $$$ in the process).

Bonus #2: Six Words Storytelling

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also learn how to craft stories in just SIX WORDS. Seriously, that’s all it takes. This is straight from Hemingway himself, who used the six word story formula to bring an entire bar to tears. By the end of this, you’ll be able to craft your very own action-provoking stories in half the time.

Bonus #3: Story-Hunting

One of the most difficult aspects of storytelling, is finding what stories are worth telling. And which are duds. In this 17 minute bonus module, Chris and I breakdown exactly what makes a story worth telling.

How to tell it and simple tricks to turn dry boring stories into blockbuster promo’s. Plus we’ll show you exactly where we source money printing stories that you can use.