Straight Line Persuasion – Jordan Belfort

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Straight Line Persuasion – Jordan Belfort download

What we can learn from this course?

Up To Double Your Online Or Offline Sales Within Just 14 Days Using The Persuasion Secrets Of The #1 One Sales Trainer Alive!

  • The 4 core elements of the inner game of sales.
  • How to get into instant rapport with your prospects and how to use that rapport to gather massive intelligence.
  • The art and science of Straight Line prospecting.
  • The four key elements to creating ethical presentations that actually close the deal.
  • How to instantly squash objections and limiting buying beliefs, turning skeptics into buyers.
  • The secret to closing calmly and consistently every single time without even the slightest bit of high pressure.
  • The ten-step formula for building a never-ending stream of customer referrals and creating customers for life.
  • How to raise money through Venture Capital and Angel Investors, so you can start using Other People’s Money to fund your ideas and grow your business.
  • The step-by-step process of Straight Line Negotiating.


  • Module 1: The 3 Basic Tenets Of Straight Line Persuasion
  • Module 2: The Art and Science of Prospecting
  • Module 3: Mastering the Art of Tonality
  • Module 4: Being A Leader and a Visionary
  • Module 5: The Inner Game of Sales
  • Module 6: The 5 key Elements of the Straight Line System
  • Module 7: The Art and Science of Qualifying
  • Module 8: Creating Presentations that Close Anyone Who’s Closable
  • Module 9: The Art and Science of Looping: how to turn objections into Closes
  • Module 10: Creating Customers for Life and Generating Massive Referrals