Winning the Game of Procrastination – John Assaraf

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Winning the Game of Procrastination – John Assaraf download

What we can learn from Winning the Game of Procrastination?

In this course, we will learn 3 keys to eliminating procrastination. Put a stop to procrastination once and for all so we can take inspired action and achieve every one of our goals & dreams. John will share with us how he was able to stop procrastinating, and more importantly how we can put an end to our procrastination and become masters of goal achievement.

  • WTGP Level 1 – Step into your Power.
  • WTGP Level 2 – Eliminating Procrastination.
  • WTGP Level 3 – Mental Contrasting – Seeing Success in Advance.
  • WTGP Level 4 – Affirm and Declare – Imprinting Powerful New Beliefs and Habits.
  • WTGP Level 5 – Advanced Integration #1.
  • WTGP Level 6 – Advanced Integration #2.
  • Video 1 – How Awareness Gives you Power and Choice.
  • Video 2 – Breaking free from your Comfort Zone and Resistance to Change.
  • Video 3 – Seeing Future in Advance.
  • Video 4 – Prime your Brain for Success.
  • Video 5 – The Power of your Story.
  • Video 6 – Success Habit and Ritual.
  • And More.