Youtube Compilation Machine – $100k+ A Year Posting Compilation Videos On Youtube

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What we can learn from Youtube Compilation Machine?

This course will show us a money making blueprint to make $100,000+ a year without making our own videos, in just 1 hour a day.

  • Section 1 – Introduction – How to download and upload videos on YouTube.
  • Section 2 – Editing Videos + Preventing Claims and Copyright – Free Video Editor + Tutorial, Editing To Prevent Claims and copyright, the real secret to preventing claims and copyright on YouTube.
  • Section 3 – Optimization – How to optimize your entire channel for as many views & subscriptions as possible, how to optimize your compilation videos for as many views as possible.
  • Section 4 – Finding the Best Viral Videos as fast as possible – The Secret tool I use to find tons of viral videos, how you can find videos that will go viral fast.
  • Section 5 – The Hidden Thumbnail Secrets – How you can make viral thumbnails for your compilations, the best thumbnail secret to make your compilations go viral.
  • Section 6 – How to get a High Click through rate (CTR) very important – What is CTR and how it can help you grow like crazy, how you can improve your compilation videos CTR fast and as easy as possible.
  • Section 7 – SEO – The best tags tool to go viral, how to title your compilation videos for tons of views.
  • Section 8 – Monetization – How to get monetized, how to get monetized secret, how to get your compilation channel monetized + 1000 subscribers in 24-48 hours secret.
  • Section 9 – Growing your Compilation Channel Fast – How you can easily gain 1000, 10k and more subscribers with this secret.