100 Mental Models – Wisdom Theory

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What you can learn from this course?

The book explains 100 mental models to make better decisions and think critically. These models do not tell you what you think, rather they teach you how to think, and encourage you to think critically. Here are some examples of how mental models will improve your life:

  • Do you want to create a successful business? Leverage, Niches and Scale models will guide you.
  • Do you want to be happy, achieve more and suffer less? Stoicism, Anti-fragility and Resilience give you the vision and strength you need.
  • Do you want to know why you shouldn’t believe what you see on Instagram? Plato’s Cave metaphor will give you the answer.
  • Do you want to boost your professional career? Take a look at the Incentives mental model.
  • Do you want to make rational decisions? The 25 biases that Charlie Munger details in Psychology of Human Misjudgment will help you.
  • And More.