2021 SEO Rockstars Recordings

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2021 SEO Rockstars Recordings

What you can learn from this course?

It’s always 100% jam packed with SEO Knowledge Bombs. You will hear things you have never heard about before. The Speakers will bust SEO myths and Deliver SEO Strategies, Test Results and Case Studies that you don’t want to miss out on.

  • Tim Warren, Founder of Helium SEO – 8 Figure SEO – Scaling Your Business & The Future of SEO
  • Michal Suski – Founder of SurferSEO – Leveraging AI Content in SEO to Win Everytime
  • Moon Hussain – Best Speaker 2020 – Top Secrets to Beating Your Top 3 Competitors Every Time: On Site SEO + Internal Linking!
  • Daryl Osborne – “Seriously” Dominating Your Local Market
  • Clint Butler – Schema Magician – How to use Schema “The Right Way” to get Top Rankings
  • Judy Benedict – Staying OUT of The Nightmare Currently Plaguing Sites With Lawsuits
  • Joseph Kahn – 10x Your Results With These 10 On-Page Signals Working Together
  • Paul Demont – What I’ve Learned From Enterprise Backlink Building
  • Haris Ernawan – “Outrageous” Rankings In Foreign Countries
  • Milosz Krasiński – What I have learned from outreaching to almost half million domains worldwide
  • James Goldsmith – SIA Tester – Tell All – What I Found Testing Links While Working for SIA
  • Dan O’Donnell – Google Validated Authority Links For Local Top Ranking
  • Randy Rohde – Where and How I get a Platoon of Never Ending Backlinks That Kills the Competition
  • Maj Hussain – Founder of MagicPR – The Power of Owning Your Own Google News Network
  • Holly Cooper – The Reformed Outlaw – Linking – On Steroids – Creative “Holly” Ways To Takeover The Serps (and staying out of trouble)
  • Craig Campbell – The Blackest Hat – Black HAT SEO That Should Scare You
  • Lisa Parziale – 7-Figure SOP’s – SEO Process Maps For Your Eyes Only
  • Jo Priest – The Wizard – The “Genius” Way of Automating SEO Processes While Getting BETTER Results
  • Clint Butler – Schema Magician – Is Core Web Vitals A Ranking Factor?
  • Nick Kringas – Local Hero – Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Agency to $3.5M and Beyond
  • Gary Nealon – The $40 Million Dollar Man – Scale Up To a 7-8 Figure Business

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  1. Great SEO content in these recordings. I follow some of the speakers

  2. I’m loving this content. So many SEO tips and tricks and very up-to-date. Thank you for the great share!