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Hey there fellow Warriors,
Way back in the Dark Ages of ecommerce (1999) I was one of the first people in the UK to sign up for what turned out to be a little goldmine…
That was thanks to a tip-off I got from a multi-millionaire who eventually sold out to them…but that’s another story…
The name of that goldmine? eBay. You may have heard of it 😉 Anyway, I did well on there for years although for me it was a side thing… like it is for a lot of people….
Even when I moved on to other web ventures I kept doing the odd bit of eBaying here and there…
By then I’d also find another great little site to sell my used books (my house overflows with books!). In fact, pretty soon I was selling more books than anything else physical…
And then one day I realised that little site I’d been using had turned into a great, roaring river of ecommerce.
The one we all know as Amazon.