The Raikov Effect

What we can learn from The Raikov Effect? In the 1960s, Dr. Vladimir Raikov began to conduct experiments involving hypnotism. His goal was to improve the musical ability and talent of students that were studying at the Moscow Conservatory. Within his experiments, Raikov created three groups. Raikov discovered that the thirdRead More The Raikov Effect

Kwik Reading – Jim Kwik

Course Description: Kwik Reading will help you simplify your workload and reading process by improving all four of its key elements: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention. Basic Principles Of The Kwik Reading World. An instant brain workout with the “Infinity Finger” technique. Make your reading smarter by practicing the 3Read More Kwik Reading – Jim Kwik

High Performance Master’s Program – Brendon Burchard

Course Description: The goal of High Performance Master’s Program is to help you master your mind, body, day’s agenda, and relationships so that you can reach the next level of vibrancy, purpose, success and influence in life. You’ll learn advanced strategies in developing your psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skills.Read More High Performance Master’s Program – Brendon Burchard