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Dan Pena Book - Your First 100 Million
Dan Pena Book – Your First 100 Million


The Price of Fear… the Reward of Courage

As this book goes to press, the financial world is free falling through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.   Men of wealth and presumed integrity in the financial world have committed treachery on a scale of uncounted billions of dollars, affecting millions of “ordinary people” around the globe.

Bernie Madoff is the most despicable of these “pirates in pinstripe,” committing fraud of some $50 billion, deceiving even his closest associates and oldest friends.  By March 2009, Bernie was in custody while lawyers bickered over the bones of his frozen assets, and he awaited his turn to plead guilty in court.  “So what?” say his victims.  “Our life savings have vanished.”

We cannot change the past, only recover from it.  And perhaps learn its cruel lessons.   The first lesson is this: the paralysis of fear can cost dearly; while the rewards of determined courage are incalculable.

In the meantime, concealed amid the carnage of financial ruin, are some stocks that dare to offer the prospect of profit.   B2C, our own investing group, for example, is engaged more in “contravesting” than investing – looking for stocks anywhere in the world that are undervalued, mostly paying dividends.  We think this period of bear market is an excellent opportunity to reach boldly for the bargains that are out there.

Our advice, as you seek to venture into the heady whitewaters of business acquisition, dream team building and Quantum Leap expansion, is to take courage.  Grasp chaos. Force change.   And follow the methodologies you’re about to read.  One day, sooner than you could have imagined, the financial nightmare of the first decade of this millennium will be a harsh but fading memory.

And you’ll have survived to be the super success you knew you could be.

D e d i c a t i o n

In the book you’re about to read, I talk about the importance of mentors as a Quantum Leap to wisdom.   Years ago, as a young hot shot in the corporate world, I learned the secrets of super success from three gentlemen who mentored me at critical times in my life.

Constantine “Costa” Gratsos had made his fortune as a lifelong associate of shipping icon Aristotle Onassis.   He took a liking to me, became my first mentor, and showed me how to swim in the deep, dangerous waters of business.

Jim Newman, the business visionary who created the term “comfort zone” showed me how to expand my horizons.  Thanks to Jim, after I attended one of his PACE Seminars in 1978, I moved out of my comfort zone at Bear Stearns and became a super successful oilman.

Jerry  Ormand was already a legendary Texas oilman when I met him.  Yet he took the time to introduce me to the fine points of the oil business, and how to survive and prosper amid the chaos of a rough-and-tumble industry.

Jerry… Jim… “Costa”… this book is gratefully dedicated to you.

– Dan


By Dr Klaus Kleinfeld

Former CEO of  Siemens, AG.

Congratulations!  You have chosen an extraordinary book that describes a step-by-step framework and methodology for building a super successful business from scratch, while attaining the skill sets of a high performance person.  The precepts described in this book are straight forward, yet very powerful.  The author, Daniel S. Peña, has put into simple words how he achieved success at the highest level starting with nothing more than a dream and the passion to succeed.  I strongly recommend Your First Hundred Million for those who have a dream, little or no capital, and desire a road map to build a significant net worth and achieve the life of a high performance person.

It is written in a style that will ingratiate you to the author, because he tells it exactly like it is, with no varnish or hesitation.  At times you may even be shocked by how he describes what it takes to be a high performance person and achieve your dreams in today’s rough and tumble ever changing business environment.  He calls his precepts and methodology QLA, or Quantum Leap Advantage and it’s based on his almost 40-year personal worldwide track record of success.

Over many years Dan has become a very good friend.  I know Dan’s comments might often raise your eyebrow with his candor.  However you will truly enjoy hearing what it takes to succeed from someone who has really lived it.  And you can tell this isn’t theory, because he gives you real examples from his life and those that he has coached and mentored.  Dan has operated in the same real world you do every day and succeeded against all odds.  But more importantly, countless devotees have used QLA successfully and achieved their dreams and goals!

Read this book and I know it can be the first step towards the realization of your dreams and being a successful high performance person.

All the very best,

Klaus Kleinfeld


Your Quantum Leap Advantage

“Always try to go into business with an unfair advantage.”

You will never have read a business book like this one.Dan Pena book give me too much.

Because you hold this special edition, you may have heard me speak.  You may have even been to my castle; you might even be a business partner.  So you’ll realize immediately this book is written the way I talk to audiences at my “Quantum Leap Advantage” seminars.  You’ll also understand it’s not a book for everybody, because success (and the wealth it brings) isn’t for everybody.  But I know you’ll profit from it, because it captures under one cover – all the Quantum Leap strategies I’ve been pounding into people’s heads for several years now.

The Business sections of bookstores and libraries across America, the UK and Europe are packed with books that tell you how to become a successful entrepreneur.  Some of them are written by men and women who have achieved a respectable level of success.  Others are written by professors who understand business as a theory, but have never had their own business.  These books typically take the reader through the step-by-step mechanics of starting, growing and ultimately selling a business.  Others are manuals that cover taking a company public, tax issues, raising capital and other topics an entry-level entrepreneur needs to know.  They include checklists, graphs and formats for business plans and letters of intent.  There are probably nuggets of “how-to” information in these books.  But I’ve found most of them to be as flat and lifeless as road-kill.

But more to the point, none of these books tells you how to prepare your mind for being super successful. But this Dan pena book will. They skip over how to adjust your perspective just slightly, so you can take what I call a Quantum Leap…make millions of dollars…and do it over and over again!

What if you had access to the secrets of a man who has the strength, skills and self-confidence to make one Quantum Leap after another, even make them simultaneously, and knows he will ultimately become a billionaire before he quits?  What if you could receive, in his own words, the wisdom of this active multi-millionaire – not one of those “real estate rich” morons or some silk-suited seminar mooches – but a man who took his own energy corporation from an $820 investment to an incredible $400 million in market capitalization in just eight short years!

That’s what this book is all about.

It’s about achieving the mental toughness and laser-beam focus you need to make a ton of money.  I’ve packed this book from beginning to end with the same strategies I’ve been thundering across the financial capitals of five continents.  But I’ve left most of the detailed checklists to that pedantic crowd of pedestrian business people and dusty professors who write those “how to” books.

Putting it another way, most business writers give you some weapons, or at least a weapons manual, and send you out to face the realities of business.  Through my Quantum Leap methodology, I show you how to prepare and focus your mind and spirit for executive battle – against entrenched institutions … vicious corporate assassins… and those nay-savers of success, the purveyors of conventional wisdom.  Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘You can’t do that!’  Because you can!  That’s the Quantum Leap difference.