Excuse Buster aka Super Fast Product Funnel by AB

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FREE 30 Minute Video Training Shows How You Can Create COMPLETE Product Funnels in a Few Hours.

  • No making videos.
  • No recording MP3 audios to sell
  • No writing e-books
  • Proven System.
  • Did I mention it’s FREE?

OK – I’ve had enough of watching people who are more than capable of making a serious income online not get off the starting blocks because all the beginner advice dished out by the so-called gurus is crap.

It seems to me whenever an “expert” tells you the fast way to make products it usually involves making audio training or shooting videos.

But that isn’t for everyone and that’s why the web is getting filled with crappy video training made by people who don’t know their arse from their elbow.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

In fact my preferred method for rapid product creation…

  • Doesn’t involve making audio or video files
  • Doesn’t involve writing a report or book (that takes too damn long).
  • Doesn’t take days, weeks or months (I’ve been known to make a complete funnel of products in hours).
  • Doesn’t leave you needing to make more parts to complete a funnel.
  • Doesn’t cost a dime to learn – I am revealing it free!

And this isn’t just a catch to sell you more stuff.  I explain how you can do this with 100% free tools.  You can start tomorrow without spending a dime.


Because let’s face it… If I show you how to do this and finally get you off the ground making real money online… who are you going to come back to for more training later?  Who are you going to reinvest some of your profits with?

This is just good business sense.

In this 30 minute training I am going to change your mindset and show you…

  • How you CAN create not just a product, but an entire funnel of products in a few hours.
  • How one product becomes three almost at the push of a button.
  • The free tools and resources you can use to do this (I also show you some paid ones too, but you really can start this without spending anything assuming you have some web hosting and the other basics that all web businesses need).
  • Some real life examples of how and where I have done this and used these techniques to put cash in my pocket and subscribers on my list.

Is there a catch?

No – only that this is only available to watch for the next 3 days, so don’t grab it thinking you will watch it later.  You need to make time in the next 72 hours to watch this 30 minute training session.

After that it comes down and becomes part of a paid product.