[GB] Healthy Commissions – Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones

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Healthy Commissions – Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones download

What you can learn from Healthy Commissions?

In this simple Healthy Commissions System, you will learn how to make money from home without a product, inventory or email list, how to build a sustainable online business that can bring complete freedom and control over your time and location.

In 6 short weeks’ learning, you will:

  • Implement And Profit From The Perfect Storm Funnel: You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you can put up campaigns whenever you’ve got a bit of spare time.
  • Learn How To Pick Winners: Discover how to filter through the mass of mediocre products and pick the specific offers which earn the greatest ROI and profits in the long run. In fact, we’ll show you the exact same offers we promote that are doing well for us and our students.
  • Create Super-Profitable Facebook Ads: Get our complete, simple process to create winning Facebook ads. Understand winning image psychology and how to write ad copy that will get you higher click through rates, resulting in cheaper ad costs, setting the foundation for higher ROI.
  • Create Winning Presell Pages: All you need to be able to do is drag and drop icons. You’ll get an instant crash course on the 4 psychological principles that take people out of the social mindset on Facebook and put them into the problem-focused “buyer’s mindset” that results in higher conversions and higher ROI on the products you promote.
  • Launch Your Campaigns: We’ll walk you through the exact steps to launch your campaign, including what audiences to target, how to start out slowly to minimize risk and what indicators to follow to weed out the losing campaigns and hone in on the winners that can be scaled up.
  • Scale Up Like A Boss: We recommend you start small with our simple instructions until you nail down your first winning campaign. Then SCALE IT UP following these simple tactics.
  • Secrets Of The Titans: You’ll get an insider’s view of how a 7-figure Super affiliate thinks, plans, and acts. You’ll go down a rabbit-hole of ninja tricks, secret hacks, and advanced insider techniques our super-affiliate mentors use to bring their businesses to the next level.

Course Content:

  • Pre-Training (instant access) – Proper mindset & Offers.
  • Week 1 – Creating your Winning Ads (Images).
  • Week 2 – Crafting the Perfect Ad Copy.
  • Week 3 – Creating Your Winning Presell Pages.
  • Week 4 – Launching Your Money Ads.
  • Week 5 – Testing and Scaling Up.
  • Week 6 – Advanced Super-Affiliate Strategies.
  • Bonuses.