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The Real Secret to Building a Popular Blog
Its all about how you position your blog. Not traffic techniques Not writing ability. Not powerful connections Sure. all of those things are great. but if you have the wrong positioning. NONE of it works. And here’s the real tragedy. . When they first come to me. gg% of my students are positioned totally wrong. I’m not talking about just a slight inconvenience. either. Positioned how they are. they have ZERO chance of succeeding
Worse. they have topics you would think would succeed. For instance. you would think a Wog targeting the millions of retiring baby boomers would be Successful. right?
Wrong. It has zero chance of success.
What about a blog helping businesspeople learn Japanese’ Surely that would be Successful. right? Nope. Not a chance. I’m not guessing. either. I can show you with near mathematical certainty that neither of these blogs will succeed How? I’ve developed a system for determining if a blog is viable. Once you find a promising candidate. the system also shows you how to position the blog perfectly. so people are dying to read it.
And the good news?
I’m teaching the entire system LIVE on Wednesday. December 9 at 2 PM Eastern. 11 AM Pacific. Nothing held back. nothing removed. give you every nitty-gritty detail of the system.
In a nutshell. there are three phases: i. Choosing the Right Audience 2. Choosing the Right Topic 3. Choosing the Right Domain Name
On Wednesday. I’ll spend about an hour walking you through each phase. We’ll also do about 30 minutes of live O&A for each phase. and you can ask us about your own audience. topic. and domain name. getting personalized advice from me and my team right there on the call.
If you’re curious. here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ll be covering