Leevi Eerola – Lead gen 2.0 University

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Leevi Eerola – Lead gen 2.0 University

What you can learn from Leevi Eerola – Lead gen 2.0 University?

The Ultimate Training Program For Quickly Building A Highly Profitable Lead Gen Agency without needing to sell any products or invest thousands of dollars.

Introducing: Lead Gen 2.0 University

The Ultimate Training Program to building your own profitable lead generation agency. No fancy tricks or secret hacks. Just the fundamentals of an agency, how to effectively write and send cold emails, how to sell $3,000+/mo deals, how to get results for your clients and how to hire and automate to remove yourself from the business.

1. The Foundations

Most SMMA programs are just marketing ‘new tricks’ or ‘secret hacks’ to close big deals. Based on building a real profitable agency, we can tell you that these never work.

What you need is a deep understanding of the fundamentals of an agency and how to create an offer and pick a niche so you can actually get insane client results (and get paid $$$).

2. A-Z Cold Email Guide

Most agency programs don’t teach you anything on high-value skills or how to get results for clients. In the Lead Gen 2.0 University, the cold email module is the longest.

Leevi and his team combined everything there is to know about cold emails, from technical setup to writing effective copy.

Being able to write simple 140 word emails to get CEOs of billion dollar companies on the phone is one of the highest value skills you can learn.


The #1 reason why most agencies fail is simply offering a bad experience to their clients. They sign a client, onboard them unprofessionally and fail to get great results. And then the clients either fire you or ask for a refund.

We’ve combined everything you need to offer a professional experience for your clients, from onboarding to weekly reporting to using cold emails to get them insane results. This way you’ll keep your clients for longer and in turn, make more money.